Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Farmer-Florist Collective is Here!

Often alongside the eponymous pastel colored Peeps and plastic eggs seen everywhere this time of year are pots of Easter lilies. A symbol of life and re-birth, the trumpet-shaped flowers are considered by many to be a symbol of spring.

But it is the arrival of lesser-known flowers such as anemones, ranunculus, heirloom narcissus, hyacinth, and hellebores that really excite seasonal flower lovers. And nothing says spring to us more than a perfectly white, lush anemone picked from our very own Morning Sun Flower Farm!

We're beyond excited to announce that Two Little Buds and Morning Sun Flower Farm are part of a small--but rapidly growing-- group of flower farmers and floral designers focused on flowers that are available seasonally and locally. And luckily for our awesome customers and couples, a new directory, Floret's Farmer-Florist Collective, lists many of the seasonal flower 'superstars' that we're thrilled to be associated with.

From frilly French tulips in the spring to dramatic dahlias in the fall, this coalition of farmers and florists is eager to showcase the best of what each season has to offer. And collectively, we are starting to change the way flowers are grown and consumed in this country. The popularity of local, seasonal flowers has been fueled, at least in part, by the popularity of the local foods and farm-to-table movements. It has also been introduced by Floret--a Seattle-area microfarm that created the Collective and whose blog, social media presence, and sold-out workshops (one of which we were lucky enough to attend last July!) have reached a global audience of flower lovers, farmers, designers, and 'dreamers.'

"I couldn't keep up with the demand for our flowers," states Erin Benzakein, the founder of Floret. "But rather than getting bigger and growing more flowers to ship across the country, I've instead focused on training others in the fine art of small-scale, high intensity flower production and natural floral design techniques utilizing seasonal blooms. This approach is more consistent with what we'd been saying for years: that the freshest, most beautiful flowers are ones that are grown in season, in your region."

Interest in buying and growing seasonal flowers continues to grow exponentially. "Now we can't keep up with the demand for our training," Benzakein shared. All seven of Floret's on-farm workshops sold out within hours of being offered. Floret workshop alumni include flower lovers from as far away as the UK and New Zealand, and fabulous floral designers such as our very own Mindy Staton and Alice Francis of Two Little Buds! "I created this Collective directory not only to highlight some of the leading farms and florists committed to growing, using, and promoting local and seasonal flowers," stated Benzakein, "but also to help consumers looking for flower farms or designers in their region who specialize in seasonal blooms."

Two Little Buds and Morning Sun Flower Farm are so happy that we can help bring this local flower movement to the Cincinnati area! Be sure to keep checking Instagram and Facebook for updates on our straight-from the-farm-blooms! And take a peek at the Collective directory to see the amazing group of flower farmers that are working so hard to change the way we use flowers everyday :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Fresh From The Garden :)

Guys, just check out this bouquet:

I mean, seriously, how gorgeous is it??! The shape, the colors, the amazing greenery-- we can't even pick what we love most about it. And as spring tiptoes its way towards us, we're getting so excited for wedding season getting back into full swing so we can make more of these amazing bouquets! We're loving the trend of big, billowy bouquets that focus on large local blooms and tons of amazing mixed greenery. Trust us when we say that shape and texture are EVERYTHING to a bridal bouquet, so a romantic, lush bunch of 'just-picked' blooms is the.way. to carry flowers on your wedding day. The drama of gorgeous focal blooms surrounded by the perfect mixture of rich greens is something your guests will notice and remember, and, even more importantly, something you'll be so glad you did when you look back at pictures of your wedding day!

And guess what the best source is for these awesome flowers and greenery-- yup, local flower farmers! We can't wait for you to see our very own Morning Sun Flower Farm's poppies and snapdragons... and tulips and ranunculus... and lisanthus and DAHLIAS... and ohmigosh, just too many flower varieties to name. And you already know how fabulous our anemones are, but here's another peek, just in case :)

Oh, and don't you worry-- we're growing some spectacular greenery, too! Clematis, bells of Ireland, dusty miller, silver drop eucalyptus... you don't even know how much you can love greenery until you see it straight from the farm. And we couldn't get through the wedding season without our peonies from Red Twig Farms or our garden roses from Rose Girl. Plus we have our friends at Little Creek Valley that always supply us with amazing flowers- if a flower can be grown in Ohio, they manage to grow it! And bonus-- Brad always brings along a super cute helper with him:

So are you as excited as we are for more local flowers in the shop? And for wedding season? And for spring?? Be sure to stop by the shop to say hi and see what we have blooming... and we promise, once you go local, you never go back!