Thursday, December 3, 2015

Ch Ch Changes

As Thanksgiving memories start to fade and Christmas rapidly approaches, we’re struck over here at Two Little Buds by all we have to be thankful for this holiday season. Our customers. Our brides and grooms. Our friends and family. And, of course, our dogs!

But right now we’re mostly thankful for all the fun and new things on the horizon for our shop! We know many of you are a little concerned as we start posting on social media about our newest and most fabulous venture, Morning Sun Flower Farm. Don’t worry– the Two Little Buds you know and love isn’t going anywhere! We’re just continuing to explore our dedication to buying farm fresh flowers from some amazing local farmers, and venturing into growing some of them ourselves. It feels exciting and the best kind of terrifying, just like we felt when we opened the doors of our shop almost nine years ago! Our customers can still come to us for beautiful and unique floral arrangements, and we’ll be able to provide even more seasonal, fresh, straight-from-the-farm blooms. And our brides and grooms will be lucky enough to get the best flowers each season has to offer!

We’re going to slow down a little next year, and focus on making each customer and each bride and groom feel as special and unique as the blooms we’ll be pulling out of the Morning Sun Flower Farm hoophouse in the spring. So stick with us! Trust us, grow with us! We couldn’t do this without the love and support of our loyal customers and our fabulous brides and grooms. Let’s be thankful and look to the future together :)

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