Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Deck the Halls!

The sweet, spicy smell of pine in the shop and seeing all the decorations outside our windows have us thinking about what puts us in the holiday spirit. Things come to mind like admiring the soft petals of a gorgeous amaryllis bloom, sipping mugs of hot cocoa, gazing at the twinkling of sparkly lights, and snuggling by the fire at home with our loved ones. And of course, listening to Christmas music! Listening to music is such a personal experience, just like the joy of working with flowers. Just as every flower helps a bouquet take on a unique beauty and style, every note makes a song soar and touch our hearts. And since you already know how much we love flowers, we thought it would be fun to share our favorite holiday songs with you guys!

Mindy loves the festive classic 'Jingle Bells.' As a kid, it was one of her favorite songs to sing along with her parents and siblings. She still loves to sing it to this day! Something about the upbeat rhythm and catchy lyrics take her back in time and help her see Christmas through the eyes of a child again. And seriously, isn't that the way we should all look at every day??!

For Alice, it wouldn't be the holiday season without 'Silent Night.' As far back as she can remember, this song was part of her Christmas traditions. A favorite song of her mother's, Alice can still hear her mom playing this beautiful hymn on her harmonica. Alice listened to her mother play this song every year as a child, and then later it became just as important to her kids when their grandmother got out her harmonica to play it for them at Christmas. 'Silent Night' is something Alice will always share in her heart with her mother, and the holidays are a time for remembrance as much as they are a time for celebration.

Our resident blogger Candice, like Mindy, most loves to tap her toes and sing along to a childhood favorite. She can remember listening to the entire 'Christmas with the Chipmunks' album that her dad had recorded onto a cassette tape. Her whole family would sing along with the scratchy recording as Theodore wished for his two front teeth, and giggle as Dave yelled at Alvin during 'The Chipmunk Song.' To this day, listening to this album (now on her phone, ha!) puts a smile on her face and helps her remember that the holidays are about joy, laughter, and making memories with your family.

So now we want to know what YOUR favorite holiday song is! Is there a song that you can't get through the season without? Tell us in the comments below and we'll enter you into a drawing to win a free $50 holiday centerpiece! One winner will be randomly selected on 12/21, and we'll be here on 12/22 from 9-5 for you to pick it up. What could possibly be better than sharing a holiday memory AND getting free flowers?!

And while you've got music dancing in your heart, we'd love for you to stop by the shop for cute little stocking stuffers, festive decorations, and a perfect holiday centerpiece that is sure to wow your guests. The shop is full of beautiful flowers, fragrant wreaths, and unique giftware to help you get even more into the holiday spirit!  So happy, happy holidays and don't forget to deck your halls with help from your friends at Two Little Buds!

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